Lesley Smith and Sammy the Snail coming to Mitchell on Monday, January 10th at 1:30!

Thanks to the generosity of the PTA, Lesley Smith and her Theater of Life Puppets will be coming to both Mitchell and Shapleigh this winter.  Lesley Smith and the Theater of Life Puppets are a performing arts and creative educational entertainment company devoted to
providing the tools to help educators and families teach concepts of social, personal and environmental responsibility to children from preschool to sixth grade. They inspire and assist children, families and their schools in nurturing tolerant, caring and sustainable communities.

Parents and community members are invited!  Please join us.

To learn more, visit Sammy’s website at http://www.sammysnail.com/

Wizards and Knights - Bully Prevention

- annoying vs. dangerous and destructive behaviors

- Stop, Think and Go: the three steps of problem solving

- understand when to tell a trusted responsible adult

  1. -learning to use positive self-talk

Giant sized dragon and lion puppets promote reading and character and citizenship as we bring Elizabeth Winthrop's classic Castle in the Attic to life. Packed with interactive music, intrigue and humor, this program supports the importance of healthy relationship skills for social and academic success. FUN! Highlights Open Circle: Reach out to school's social competency program, Wellesley College or the program promotes "Read Across America", story boarding and joy of reading. Prevention Funding has been used for this program.