Videos used in classroom lessons

Many students have asked if they can watch the video clips that we share with them again - so here they are! These are the short videos that we occasionally use to supplement a classroom lesson, a small group conversation, and or when working with a student individually:

You Can Learn Anything

Just Breathe

The Marshmallow Test

(Follow up to the Marshmallow Test )   The Waiting Game with Guy Smiley - Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Me Want It! But Me Wait!

YoMIND- Mindfulness with jusTme

The Sneetches - video for Civil Rights Team lesson

Dr. Maya Angelou - Be a Rainbow in Someone Else's Cloud

Mind Yeti - from Second Step

It's Okay to be Different -  Song based on Todd Parr's book by Milkshake

Belly Breathe with Common and Colbie Caillat

The Feelings Song - by A.J.Jenkins/KidsTV123

Example of a Brain Builder game (we do not show the students this video but we frequently play Brain Builder games like these)  -

The Zones of Regulation

The Size of Your Problem

Amazing Things Happen  (An introduction to autism that aims to raise awareness among young non-autistic audiences, to stimulate understanding and acceptance in future generations.)

Mind the Bump - Mindfulness and How the Brain Works

Why Mindfulness is a Superpower: An Animation

How Mindfulness Empowers Us: An Animation Narrated by Sharon Salzburg

What Do We Have All Wrong About Meditation? Featuring Dan Harris

Kindness videos (that we shared during The Great Kindness Challenge)

Advertisement from an insurance agency in Thailand --  Thai Good Stories by Linaloved 

Buddy Bench 

What it's like to be a military-connected student
           Reading Rainbow - A Day in the Life of a Military Family
           Mrs. Dempsey and Rosita - Month of the Military Child
           PBS Newshour Student Reporting Labs: Military Children

Gun Safety - Eddie the Eagle GunSafe® Program