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We are so fortunate to have Families First, a fabulous parenting education resource, so close to us in Portsmouth, NH.  I am surprised, however, by how few families actually access their services and go to their workshops.  Please take a moment to go to their website, check out their calendar for upcoming
events, sign up to get updates via email http://www.familiesfirstseacoast.org/enewsletter.html, and then choose a date, bring the kids and GO!  You won't be sorry.

Here is their most recent newsletter

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  • Top 5 Reasons to Take a Parenting Class (read)  
  • Parenting Tip: Communicating with Kids (read
  • Try This: Wind Sticks or Wind Rings (read)  
  • Useful Link: Guide to best websites for parenting info (read)  

Article15 Reasons to Take a Parenting Class
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The top 5 reasons to attendparenting classes at Families First (besides the air conditioning):

5 It's never too early or too late to become a better parent.

4 Free child care is included, plus dinner for kids during evening classes.

3 Experts can help troubleshoot and suggest resources for all sorts of parenting challenges - again, FREE!

2 Taking the time now will help you enjoy your kids later.

1 Connect with parents facing similar challenges. You're not alone in this!

 Upcoming classes -- view and register! 

Anchor1BParenting Tip of the Month
Communicating with Kids

  • talking with kidsGet children's attention before talking to them. Get down to their level and make eye contact.
  • Be polite. Speak the way you would want to be spoken to -- the way you would speak to a friend.
  • Use "door opening" comments or questions to encourage children to express their thoughts and feelings.
  • Guide your child by presenting a plan of action to help him or her problem-solve.
  • Attack the problem rather than the child.
  • Make requests and expectations clear.
  • Recognize, encourage and appreciate the efforts of your child.
Click for more ideas and details (Thanks to Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service) 

Article2Try This
Wind Sticks or Wind Rings
wind ring
Use an open ring (it could be a binder hoop or a Mason jar lid), or a dowel or stick from the woods. Attach brightly colored ribbons and enjoy while running or dancing or swinging in the breeze! 

Article3Useful Link 
Best Websites for Parenting Info
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Some of what you find when you search for parenting info online is not consistent with child-development research. TheChild & Family WebGuide from Tufts University selects parent-friendly sites that have the highest-quality child development research. Covers many topics under the categories of Parenting, Education, Child Development, Health and Medical. 

Parent & Family Programs

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