Physical fitness and school success

New research on the benefits of children's physical fitness describes what we've always sensed to be true.  Physically fit children have greater success in school and are learning habits that will serve them well for their entire lifespan.
NY Times - How physical fitness may promote school success

And looking ahead, it makes sense to build exercise into your child's daily routine. NPR - Why exercise may do a teenage mind good

Many teachers this year are incorporating additional physical activity into their daily classroom routines. Some teachers are
walking a stationary mile per day; others engage their students with fun music dance videos, and our Yoga 4 Classrooms program is still running strong.  And we are now working on a plan to bring BOKS (Build Our Kids Success) to Mitchell School.  To learn more to to BOKS

As a parent, please help provide as many opportunities for physical activity as you can (outside play, park and rec programs, family activities, evening walks, etc).  You might feel better too!