Second Step K-3

This year we are introducing the Second Step program to our school. This program is classroom based and will benefit our students in all grades. Parents will be receiving letters and activity sheets in the red folders to complement the lessons being taught in class. For more information about this program please visit the website  

Program Features

Self-Regulation Skills

Self-regulation is essential in improving students’ chances for success both academically and socially. Self-regulation has emerged as one of the main operators behind social-emotional learning programs’ positive influence on academic achievement. And unlike other factors that can influence students’ success, such as their socio-economic status or IQ, self-regulation skills can be taught!
Here is how they are taught in the Second Step program:

Skills for Learning

The program emphasizes Skills for Learning—focusing attention, listening, using self-talk, and being assertive—that promote self-regulation skills and improved participation in learning.

Brain Builders

Every Second Step lesson includes Brain Builders: short, five-minute games to build students’ attention, working memory, and inhibitory-control skills. These skills, sometimes referred to as executive-function skills, are important aspects of self-regulation. (For more information, see theBrain Builder Overview.)


In the Empathy Unit, students are taught how to recognize their own emotions and those of others. This lays the groundwork for learning how to manage strong emotions.

Emotion Management

The Emotion Management Unit helps students develop their ability to manage anger and a range of other strong emotions.

Four Core Program Components

The Second Step program has Four Core Program Components for teaching and reinforcing Skills for Learning, empathy, emotion management, and problem solving. Learn how to teach the Four Core Program Components.
Please visit and create an account. You'll need to enter the activation key that is provided on the Second Step handout that came home in your child's red folder.  We also sent the activation key via email.