Character Lab

Some of you may have heard of Angela Duckworth, the MacArthur genius grant winner, researcher, professor, and author of Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance.  I encourage you to check out her project entitled Character Lab. She brings the power of science and research to help us cultivate student success and well-being.

How does Character Lab support parents and teachers?
We turn scientific discoveries about the mindsets and skills that develop character into actionable advice for parents and teachers. On this website, you’ll find Playbooks, organized by character strength, with information and activities based on rigorous research studies. In each Playbook, you’ll also find links to books, videos, and other recommended resources. Each week, our co-founder and CEO Angela Duckworth writes a Thought of the Week, a short personal piece related to current events or new psychological research. You can sign up to receive them by email, or read them here. Because we are a nonprofit organization generously supported by philanthropic foundations and individuals, everything we do is free of charge.