Creating Positive School Climate - Bully Prevention

Creating a climate of caring at Mitchell School is a powerful strategy to reduce bullying.  The preventive strategies are woven into the fabric of our classroom communities and the larger school community.  Please talk with your children about what helps when we notice someone being mistreated.  And, as always, PLEASE contact the school if you hear of incidents or patterns of mistreatment in our school so that we can address them immediately.  Thank you for your cooperation with us. Stay connected, keep involved, and let's continue the conversation.

At Mitchell School...

·      We treat others well.  (We do not use hurtful words, hurt others with our bodies, or exclude people)

·      We help others who are mistreated. We say or do something to make our school a safe place.

·      We include students who are easily left out

·      We tell an adult at home and at school when someone is being mistreated.

For more information on bully prevention and harassment, please check out these websites and resources:

Stan Davis - Stop Bullying Now   Advice for students 
For parents and guardians: Advice for parents and guardians

Please refer to the booklist section of our website for a comprehensive list of books to read with K-3 on bullying, teasing, fitting in, and what to do about it.  Bullying/Teasing/Fitting in

Maine Department of Education - Bully Prevention