Let's Go 5-2-1-0

Mitchell School students and staff have embraced the 5-2-1-0 lifestyle to help us all feel better.  Please remember to pack healthy snacks for your child and send them to school in weather-appropriate clothing/footwear so they can play outdoors in comfort.

Let’s Go! Parent Resources

Resources for parents who are interested in increasing healthy eating and physical activity in their families:
(To view PDFs, download Adobe Reader here for free.)

or more
fruits & vegetables

hours or less
of recreational screen time*
*Keep TV/computer out of the bedroom. No screen time under the age of 2.

hour or more
of physical activity

sugary drinks, more water and low fat milk

In the News:

Kittery's summer lunch program  http://www.seacoastonline.com/news/20170717/kittery-kicks-off-summer-lunch-program

Kittery school has nation's best.  
Food manager takes top award for initiatives at Horace Mitchell
Suncoast; July 26, 2010

Another news story about the Kittery and York school districts’ move to offer local, grass-fed beef.  http://www.seacoastonline.com/articles/20110306-NEWS-103060311?cid=sitesearch

Mitchell 5-2-1-0 Song (sung to YMCA tune)

Get healthy 5 fruits & veggies a day
Eat some broccoli, plums, carrots or grapes
Limit screen time, 2 hours or less
Play outside with all your friends.

Get moving, one hour or more
Play kickball, there’s no need to keep score
When you’re thirsty, skip the sugary drinks
Get cold water from the sink.

(clap clap clap clap clap)

It’s fun to live by 5-2-1-0
Get healthy with 5-2-1-0
It’s is everything for you to enjoy
For Mitchell School girls and boys.
5-2-1-0 It’s fun to live by 5-2-1-0!

We’re here to tell you about 5-2-1-0
Let’s get healthy with 5-2-1-0
Mitchell students and staff know that it’s cool
To eat healthy follow this rule.


Let’s Go!