Paige Tewell

You may see my face or hear my name this school year, so I wish to take a moment to introduce myself! My name is Paige Tewell and I am a school counselor-in-training. I am a graduate student with Our Lady of the Lake University’s Master of Education in School Counseling (MEdSC) program. As the last stretch of my journey in the program, I am required to have practical hours in a school under the supervision of a current school counselor. I am pleased to have the opportunity to work with school counselor Dana Rickerich and the Mitchell School community! 

As a school counselor-in-training, I will be observing and engaging in all of the duties of a school counselor. These include individual and group student support, classroom lessons, collaboration and communication with staff and parents, and more!

Please know that I am open and eager to speaking more about my role and responsibilities for my practicum program if you have questions or concerns. I very much look forward to meeting and working with everyone in the Mitchell School community! 

I will be at Mitchell School on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for the 2018-19 school year.
You can reach me at