Belly Breathe - Let's breathe!

"Consider this.  One good breath will allow a child to relax mentally and physically.  One good breath will teach a child to pause before committing to her words and actions.  One good breath will help a child release his anger and approach difficult situations with a clear mind.  One good breath will help a
child gather the courage to take a calculated risk, whether it's trying something different or making a new friend.  One good breath will improve a child's focus, so she can perform better at school, on the ball field, at home.  One good breath will remind a child to smile, to forgive, to play, to love, to live.  If one good breath will help a child to achieve all of this, imagine what a lifetime of good breaths will do. "  Lisa Flynn, 2010 Yoga 4 Classrooms

Here is a fun way to help your children become more aware of their breathing.  Click on the link below to see a wondeful Sesame Street video starring Elmo, Colbie Callait and Common.