Healthy Communities, Healthy Kids: An Evening of Learning, Support, and Hope

Thank you to the speakers who presented last Thursday night at Healthy Communities, Healthy Kids:  An Evening of Learning, Support, and Hope.  

The event was co-sponsored by Maine Behavioral Healthcare, National Alliance on Mental Illness of Maine (NAMI Maine), Choose To Be Healthy, and the Kittery Youth Committee.  Speakers included Vicki Gabrion who is a parent of a child with mental illness, Sally Manninen from Choose to be Healthy Maine (York Hospital), Sophie Gabrion from NAMI Maine, Alan Burpee Bean from Maine Behavioral Healthcare, and Jane Durgin from the Kittery School Department.

To start off the evening we watched Dr. Burke Harris's TED talk about how childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime.  TED talk - Dr. Nadine Burke Harris and the ACES study

Article in Seacoast Online Kittery hosts first Mental Health Awareness Night

NAMI Maine
Choose to be Healthy
Maine Behavioral Healthcare
Kittery School Dept

We look forward to seeing many of you at the Kittery Block Party in June!