Visit from The Cromwell Center for Disabilities Awareness

Renee St. Laurent, an educator from The Cromwell Center for Disabilities Awareness, is visiting each classroom in grades 1, 2 and 3 at Mitchell School this week. The Cromwell Center for Disabilities Awareness is dedicated to the purpose that no person with any kind of disability will ever again experience the profound isolation in life and anonymity at death of Jeremiah Cromwell.  The mission of The Cromwell Center is to promote safe, respectful and inclusive schools and communities.

"We don't focus on specific disabilities or lead 'show and tell' or simulations. Instead, we change attitudes. At first, our hands-on activities may seem to have little to do with disabilities. Through questioning, facilitation, and interaction, we help people discover on their own -- and from each other -- positive attitudes, understanding and respect of differences.  Unlike other programs that focus primarily on physical challenges, The Cromwell Center's programs address all disabilities -- learning, behavioral, emotional, developmental, and physical"  (Cromwell Center: About Us  )